The mission of Kaneland Community Unit School District #302 is to graduate all students college, career, and community ready

Environmental Initiatives

About Our Environmental Initiatives

Kaneland CUSD #302 is committed to and responsible for a safe and healthy learning environment. In light of COVID-19, safety and health concerns are being recognized as a high priority and may impact previous energy conservation efforts."

Every member of the district, from staff and students to visitors, parents, and building renters, is expected to take the goal of energy conservation serious and work towards reducing the impact Kaneland CUSD #302 has on the environment.

The Kaneland Buildings and Grounds Department has implemented processes to ensure that energy consuming equipment is operated to standards to minimize energy consumption, including maintaining that equipment for optimal performance. Equipment is operated in accordance with ASHRAE 55 “Thermal Conditions for Human Occupancy” to balance the need for safe occupancy while minimizing energy consumption. Scheduling software and Building Automation Software are in use to allow Kaneland CUSD #302 to ensure equipment is OFF during unoccupied times.

In an effort to further reduce our environmental impact, Kaneland CUSD #302 has installed solar panels at multiple buildings. If you would like more information on the impact of these projects, you can click on the links below to see the data from the four Kaneland locations with solar harvesting systems.

John Stewart Elementary School
John Shields Elementary School
Harter Middle School
Kaneland High School

Other Past Major Initiatives Virtual Backpack - Students and parents now have access to school and community-related information on the Tyler SIS system via the Web, rather than through the traditional backpack. Whenever possible, the District encourages information to be shared and distributed electronically. This initiative is a win-win! From an economic standpoint, the human resources not needed for copying and distributing hundreds of handouts saves both staff time and paper cost. The reduction in paper and photcopier ink is environmentally friendly. Multi-Functional Devices - Beginning Fall 2010, the District began a three-year plan to remove printers from classrooms and replace them with centrally located multi-functional devices, where teachers and students can both print and copy. The implementation at the high school began in Fall 2011 and the implementation at Harter Middle School will begin in Fall 2012. The District realized reductions in paper, ink/toner, and also electricity, which saved the district money and is also helpful for the environment.