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NAVIANCE SUCCEED...New for Kaneland...Launching February of 2012!

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Accelerate student success with Naviance Succeed.

Every student should graduate career and college ready. Naviance Succeed is an innovative, high-impact solution that becomes part of the fabric of the schools where it's deployed - linking students and their success coaches in pursuit of shared goals.

Contact UsNaviance Succeed promotes college and career readiness through increased collaboration, rigor and transparency. It is a comprehensive online solution designed to achieve the desired outcomes while measuring progress against milestones.

Success Planning

With Naviance Succeed Success Planning tools, your school or district has the opportunity to customize the career and college readiness experience by school, grade-level, groups and even individual students.

Career Planning

Inspire your students to delve into careers they’ve always dreamed about or explore those they never knew existed as part of their journey to finding those that ignite their inner drive.

Course Planning

Naviance Succeed provides a wide range of tools to help students develop long-range course plans that not only meet graduation requirements, but also help students realize their ultimate post-secondary goal.

College Planning

Naviance creates and supports a college-going culture by encouraging all students to explore post-secondary education options. Students and parents are given valuable insight into the college admissions process.


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