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Kaneland's Support for NIU Community

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For several decades, Kaneland C.U.S.D. #302 and NIU have had a close relationship.

A former Kaneland superintendent became the Dean of the College of Education many years ago. Kaneland is one of a hand full of school districts in northern Illinois that have a formal partnership with NIU’s College of Education. More Kaneland alumni attend NIU than any other college or university. A significant number of Kaneland staff members have graduated from NIU. And finally, a member of the Kaneland Board of Education is the chair of NIU’s Geology Department.

On behalf of the Kaneland community and the Board of Education, please accept our sincere condolences regarding the terrible events that took place at NIU on February 14, 2008. Our thoughts and prayers are with our many friends, and in many cases relatives, at and from NIU.

View a video tribute to NIU (not developed by Kaneland).

Letter to the NIU communityAdobe PDF

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